Georgia Pure Energy

UltraNet Accessibility Plan

*Pure Energy is a Less Dense, yet More Potent form of what is known As Free Energy

Georgia Pure Energy - UltraNet accessability

My Administration will (within one year) provide the entire State of Georgia with Free Energy, which is the new 'UltraNet Internet Accessibility Plan'. Imagine, Pure Energy as the means to power your computer and giving you access to the web 'so to speak'.

Broadband/WiFi Accessibility is wonderful, but 'it is savage' when you compare it to what we can do with Pure Energy. This is why Elon Musk and I will be introducing the Pure Energy UltraNet to the State of Georgia, and eventually the entire Nation!

We need Pure Energy in the State of Georgia. And I'm saying this as your Governor, because I'm not caughtup in the Love of Money like that, because the Love of Money is the root of all evil! 'My Opponents' want to push 5G Technology, because there's billions of dollars in that Industry, which mean millions of dollars in it for them.

I knew a certain Georgia Resident, a lady who lived in Stockbridge. She and her husband were proud homeowners of their brand new single Family Home. One day, while working in Her Garden, she just happen to notice a huge 'ugly' Cellphone Tower, which was situated 'less than a quarter mile' away from their home.

We Can Do Better Than That!

I promise you, that as Governor of Georgia, We will place 'Beautiful', Pure Energy Towers that will provide 'Pure & Safe Energy' to All Georgia's Residents.

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