Georgia's Prisoners Renewal Act

Seven Year Ex Felon Honor Act

Whereas, In
The State of Georgia, There are 78 Prisons. Under the Boddie Administration, there will be 30 Prisons that will be for the most Violent Offenders Only. The Other 48 Prisons will be transformed into ITT Training Centers and/or Factories (Manufacturing Facilities).

Currently, There are 60,000 Prisoners In The State of Georgia. 42,000 are 'non-violent' Victimless Offenders. About 18,000 Violent Offenders. In My Lifetime, I have met many Georgians who have had 'run-ins' with the Law , went to Prison, was released, and have prevailed to become Law Abiding Contributors to Our Society. Additionally, I also know many Georgians who have been wrongfully incarcerated, and have spent time in Prison for Crimes that they did not commit. And Now, they have Felonies on their Record, which makes it nearly impossible for them to get a good paying job in the State of Georgia. Yet As Governor of Georgia, I will be Signing into Law " the Seven Year Ex Felon Honor Act, which means if you are a Convicted Felon in the State of Georgia, and you have been released from Prison, then the moment you are Free, You are Free Indeed. Your Felony will not follow you. And after seven years, if you have not gotten into trouble of any kind, then your Felony will be expunged, and your entire Criminal Record will be 'wiped clean'.

Now what will the Boddie Administration do with those 42,000 non-violent Offenders? First of All, We will elevate those non-violent Offenders who qualify from a status of Georgia State Inmate to the Honorable Position of Georgia State Employee. This entails a 90 day Training Course which includes Technical Training which includes Skill Assessment in the area of Technology, Computers, Engineering, Farming, Factory Labor, Assembly Line Production, Etc. Those who pass the Training must undergo a Psychic Evaluation to determine their Mental Fitness as it relates to their Reintroduction into Society, and their acclimation

into Georgia's exciting Work Force. Once confirmed, These new Georgia State Employees will enjoy a new life as Pioneers for Georgia's Manufacturing & Technical Revolution. These Honorable Men & Women will produce the new Technology & Manufacture the Goods that our State & Nation so Desperately Need. Which Means, no more Inflation because under the Boddie Administration Prison Renewal Act, Georgia and 'Her Residents' will finally have everything that It Needs.

Now Isn't This a better way to spend $1 billion of Georgia's Prison Tax Money? Not to mention the fact that Georgians will begin to buy from each other, and sell to the States in our Nation. Simply put, under the Boddie Administration, Georgia will be one of The strongest Economies in the World.

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