Georgia Homeless Answer

Georgia '$1 HUD Homes' For The Homeless

When we talk about the Homeless you talk about a touchy issue. Because I was Homeless (you know what I mean?).

I laid down in a park bench in Buckhead. I slept on the concrete ground. I've been out there, and all I could do was stand and wait for my deliverance. And by the grace of GOD I have been blessed...

'New Life', 'New Marriage, 'New Business'...

I became a Homeowner, and a very sucessful LifeCoach. And Now, I'm running for Governor of the 'Grand' State of Georgia! Do you wanna talk about the Homeless? Now, you're touching my heart. There will be 'no more Homelessness' in the State of Georgia! And if you wanna talk about Mental Illness, 'We' will go there too! But first, every Homeless Person in the State of Georgia will have an opportunity to purchase:

HUD Home for $1!

(The same way the cities are able to do it now (but they keep the money in their own pockets)!

There are so many Homeless Women and Children struggling in Georgia 'Right Now' (even as WE speak).

*Remember, Just Because You Don't See Them Sleeping In The Street, Doesn't neccessarity mean that they are not Homeless

They are living in Extended Stay Motels, 'Private Vehicles', or 'somebody's couch'. Many of them find themselves on Section 8 Waiting List for years, and still have not received their Vouchers For Substidized Homes. Meanwhile, others are happy to apply for Public Housing (Projects), but even 'these homes' are starting to become unavailable. And the Women & Children Shelters are Dangerous (like little 'Open House' Prisons - Overcrowded, and Overflowing with Grief and Dispair) This is no way for Georgians' Men, Women, and Children to live... Wouldn't You Agree? Especially those 'who wanted to better themselves', but found themselves 'in a bad way'.

But Hope is Here!

We will work with PsychoTherapists (LCSW) in the State of Georgia that will provide Mental Health Counseling for our Homeless whom are ready to become HomeOwners. You See? This Is why I will 'Sign into Law' 'Executive Action' that 'calls for' Eligible HUD Homes to be made available (for purchase) by Homeless Georgians who need it.


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