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So LBJ meant well, I'm sure, when he came up with Medicaid Food Stamps and all that good stuff! It has served its purpose quite well in the state of Georgia. Believe me, I know. It has helped many, (including myself) when I needed it for very expensive eye surguries (As i am legally blind from birth). But the Truth is Y'all, It is Time for Georgia's Low Income and/or Poor Medicaid/Peach State Recipients who desire to do so, to begin to receive Equal Opportunities to come up out of Government Dependency..

So as Governor, I'm here to make sure that every Georgian will have the Blessing of Wealth Dividends (refer to Our Platform/the Economic Section of antiNew World Order Act) which functions as a Private Trust/Escrow Account that Credits your very own Georgia HealthCURE Savings Account. So whenever You need to go to the Doctor, and/or to the Hospital (For any reason), you will be able to pay for it yourself, out of your own money. And in the Case where the Medical Bills are too expensive for You, then Georgia HealthCure will step in to pay the High Costs 'whenever needed'.

Now , How Good Is That? You Deserve That Honor!

So I am not interested in keeping you Poor and Dependent on Government for your basic needs. And if you live in the State of Georgia under the Boddie Administration, then consider yourself to be very Fortunate, because Alaskans only receives a annual check of $3200 a person generated from The State's Oil Revenue, whereas Georgia Residents will receive a quarterly Wealth Dividends of $10,000 (per person) generated from New Ethanol Fuel Revenue, Autonomous Technology Investments, etc. And if You are one of the 400,000 Georgians who have Private HealthCare, Then THAT's GREAT!


'WE Also' will have Provisions to HELP YOU to pay YOUR Medical Bills 'If You Ever Need IT'.

THAT'S LOVE! WE are ALL in this Together! REMEMBER THAT!

Georgia HealthCURE - It is The New HealthCare Solution for All Georgians.

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