There are 1 million Senior Citizens living in the State of Georgia, 4% living below the Poverty Line. And there are 19% barely getting by while an additional 13% are living in Assisted Living and Long-Term HealthCare Facilities!

So we must take care of Our Elders, OK? And the first thing I'm doing as Governor of Georgia is ElderCare which is to increase the Monthly Income to supplement Monthly Income for those Senior Citizens who need it!

Making sure that #1, that all of the Utility Bills are paid. (Gas, Electric, Water, Heat, etc), and every Georgia Based Utility Company that participates in this blessing, will receive a 100% Tax Credit.

And for those Senior Citizens who are (just above the Poverty Line), and are 'barely getting by' with just enough to make it, we will begin to supplement their Income as well.

NOW This IS How WE Will Do It

-$1 billion a year for ElderCare. That is $500 million to supplement 'Our Elders' who need, and could use an additional $500 a month (which is just 'a little extra change' in your pocket that will go a long way)!

-And the other $500 million is to cover Utilities!

*In order for you Senior Citizens to be eligible to receive ElderCare, Your income must not exceed $2000 a month!

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for Georgia Governor 2022

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