Georgia K-PhD

The TAMA-Rean

School System

Whereas Georgia is ranked number 30 in the United States in Education. Yet, 'we all know' that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who was born in Atlanta, Georgia, was among all things, a Champion for Education!

So how did we fall from being top in the Nation in Education to where we stand today? The truth is, I am not here to point fingers; I'm simply here to make it right! This is why we are introducing:

The All New TAMA-Rean School System!


The word TAMA-RE is a modern word for Egypt. When you go to the Bible (Isaiah 19:25), we see where the Lord says " "Blessed Be My People, the Egyptians..." (in part). When we go to Ancient Egypt, we see that there were Pyramid Schools known as the Mystery Schools! These Pyramid Schools is where the great Science and Mathematics were taught. These sciences were 'Pythagoreum Theorem', Trigonometry, Calculus, Algebra, Geometry etc. It is with Mathematical Competency that the Ancient Egyptian's were able to perform and accomplish wonderful feat such as the building of the Great Pyramids and Advanced Sciences and Technology that have not been matched to this day!

The influence of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools is felt and known world over..., even in Singapore

Today, Singapore is ranked number one in the World in Education. And how? Because, their Instructors teach their Students a System of Mathmatics that is influenced by Egypt (known as Number Bonding)! So Kindergarten Students in Singapore are learning 'Number Bonding' which is adding three sequences of Mathmatical Equations at a time (which increases the Students 'Mental Competency')! Which causes them to excel in all other areas of Reading, Language, Science, etc.

Accordingly, the Boddie Administration will be implementing again the all new TAMA-REAN School System which introduces K-PhD which is Number Bonding 'Mathematical Formulas' for Kindergartners to 8th Graders, which will increase not only the Mental Competency, but their Overall Confidence in all Subjects because of our new exciting:

Learn While You Earn – get paid for your grade system.

Currently, we have a $10 billion Annual Budget for Education in the State of Georgia! And $2 billion of that is going to the Teachers Union. First of all, our Teachers are underpaid! They are only getting $56,000 a year! Under the all new Boddie Administration, Our Georgia Teachers will enjoy a Salary Increase up to $80,000 a year, plus 'Academic Quarterly Bonuses' for Georgia Teachers (For Georgia Teachers whose Students perform well Academically).

We also have $1 billion for Georgia Students (that is money in 'their pockets'). $333 a month per Student!

Like I said, "They will get paid for their grade"!

'Learn while they Earn'!

Because 'Fun Produces Funds'!

We will also teach Georgia Students 'Financial literacy', so that they will become Responsible with their Money. They will learn (at an early age) howto Invest in Stocks, Bonds, CryptoCurrency, Real Estate, New Technologies, etc. So as can see, the Boddie Administration is the Education Administration! WhereAs Our Students under the new TAMAREAN 'Egiptian' School System, will begin to Master The Axiom...

"Don't Compete, Create"!

And this is how Georgia Students will lead The United States, and The World in Education.

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