Georgia - Nuclear Defense

" We Will Defend Our Beloved State..."

Introducing N.E.R.D.S.

'Nuclear Energy Radiation Defense Shield'

Georgia Defense Act - Whereas We understand that the Best Offense is a Good Defense; and what Better Defense for us (as Georgians) than (N.E.R.D.S.), 'Nuclear Energy Radiation Defense Shield' that protects our Homes, Communities, Neighborhoods, Schools, Churches, Federal & State Buildings, Military Bases, etc., from the Imminent Threat of Nuclear War (on American soil). That's a Top Priority, don't you agree? This is why in Georgia, WE ARE going to have our own Military. I'm not talking about no U.S. National Guard; I'm talking about a new Military Power, because, 'like I said', WE WILL (if necessary) move to create Georgia as a New State/Independent Nation, 'just in case' the Globalist try to pull a fast one (the New World Order/One World Order).

So don't you see? I Love You, and I'm telling you this because as your Governor, I make only one promise to you, and that is:

I Promise Not To Let You Down!

Because what good will Tax Cuts do us, or even saying that you paid 68,000 Medical Bills, if we are facing an orchestrated Nuclear Attack? Because the Elites of this World, believe me, they have secret Underground Bases (D.U.M.B.s). I know, because they tried to recruit My Family to be a part of that nonsense! Meaning, they, The Imperialist, The Real Illuminati (Illuminaries of the Lesser Light) will try to offer you the Whole World..., but Jesus said (in the Gospel of Mark 8;36) and I quote:

"What profits a man to gain the whole world, and lose his Soul?"


So remember, Their whole plan is World Dominance, and Mind Control (Refer to a book 'Mind Control by Frederick Lloyd'). It's frightening, as to what they are doing right now (even as we speak) in terms of trying to usher in their One Georgia/One World Order scheme. But I'm here to tell you that 'What they are planning on doing'..., Will Not Work. Because You, now, as a Living Soul, are receiving this Right Knowledge (Right Now), and as your Soul cries out for the answer to the one question that WE ALL should be asking:

" What Can We Do to Stop This! "

And the answer is quite simple... WE ALL must become a part of God's Government! And The First Means of US becoming a part of God's Government is that WE ALL must Vote for the one (Governor) that God has appointed to spearhead his Government. And that Governor is none other than myself, President R. Boddie-DAWSON (A Son of David). And when WE ALL come together and Elect:

Boddie For GA Governor 2022

Then shall The Mighty God step in, and The Government shall be on his (God's) shoulders.

*Refer to Isaiah 9;6-7




"...and Watch GOD Move!"

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