Vote 'Boddie' for Georgia GOVERNOR 2022

"Love & Justice..."

President R. Boddie (Right) at The King Memorial Center w his supporters.

Starting with...

Georgia 'Right to Travel' ID Card

$100,000 Salary For Georgia Teachers

President R. Boddie, as Governor of Georgia will set the starting Salary for Teachers at $80,000 year. And for seasoned instructors (5 years, or more), $100,000 maximum per year. Currently, The State of Georgia has Allotted $10 billion a year for education, with $2 billion going to the Teachers Union, yet Georgia, when it comes to Education is ranked 30 out of 50 States in The United States.

But if You Vote President Boddie for Georgia Governor, Georgia will become #1 in Education Again.

I know you mean well, but let Us show you... refer to Our Platform > Georgia Education - K-PhD


10% Property Tax

Vote 'Boddie' for GA Governor 2022

Famine - 'Luciferian Agenda' Exposed

Peace and love... I need everybody in the state of Georgia and the United States and the world for that matter to know that the devil is (right now ), 'as we speak', planning a global famine! This is not the hand of the true and living God, it is the hand of man. Isaiah 14;16 says the devil is a man. His name is Lucifer . He is not a spirit, he's not some figure on the hot sauce bottle, he's very real, and what he's trying to do right now is get this famine going, so that everybody can begin to depend on him and his globalist movement for food!

This is why Jesus said in Matthew 24, that there will be wars and rumors of wars. Now you see that there was war in Ukraine, and there was a shift, thanks to the body of Christ. All we wanted to do was expose that this was orchestrated by Lucifer. Now they're saying that Ukraine and Russia together controls the wheat supply. 30% to 50% of wheat production is supposely being destroyed, which is now predicted to be a famine because of food shortage. But don't you see..., God is moving? For all those of you who decide to vote for me, 'watch' ,and see a shift! Immediately. It's in our hands.

Meanwhile, they're talking about a Civil War between Roe and Wade, and don't you know that the word Roe means 'red hair', and Wade means 'blue waters' (crossing the blue waters). See, Red versus Blue? 'right', because the Democrats wore Red in the 70s and Republicans wore blue in the 70s. Now there's been a shift. It's all a game!

*The man who just killed 10 people in Buffalo says he was a Democrat, but everybody thought he was a Republican; he's neither Democrat or Republican. He's a Global Cop!

Y'all better wake up!

Meanwhile, Homeland Security said Afghanistan is in a position to attack American in one year. This is not a prediction! This is not forecasting. This is insight that they have, because they are all in on it, don't you see?

I pray to the true and living God that everyone begins to see the truth of what's really happening right now, and have the power to change and stop the devil in its tracks. It is in your hands, yet this time, you all must really make the Right Choice, 'right', and that is Exercise Your Vote.

I am Our Father's Voice

Choose me, President R. Boddie, as your Governor of Georgia. Why? Because the moment you do, you're making a decision that is not programmed by the beast IBM '666' Super Computer! Revelation 13;18 says, count the number of the beast (IBM 3666 computer), for it is the number of a man, understand?

We can beat the devil at his own game!

Now, the Globalist Engineered Terrorist Group known as ISIS, which is supposedly a Bunch of Terrorists, are going to attack the US in one year. And how would they know? Unless they are all in on it! It is not intelligence! It is not a briefing. It is a plan! 'Just in case' scenario. (Meaning 'just in case' we win!) Don't you see? Are you a part of the army of God? (Rev 19;11-19) They know that we already won!

So there would be no Famine in Georgia, or the United States, or all over of the World; believe me, if you all just begin to make up your mind, that I'm going to Vote for God's Governor in this Georgia Race whose name is President Boddie! If you make that decision, I tell you what – just test it! Make the Intention, and see what happens! Watch what changes in the news! Watch Love begin to resound! Watch the Plans of a Civil War, based on Roe v. Wade fall short! Watch People become more kind and loving towards one another, and realize that it's because you made the right choice!


Georgia Treasury

'Secured Party' Card

(The Card that gives you 'The Right' & 'The Power' to Discharge 'Debt').


'The Free State of Georgia' 2022

*Be sure to 'Write In' his name (for GOVERNOR)

on the General Election Ballot (Oct 15, 2022 - Nov 8, 2022).

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